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Gabriel Plante-Gauthier
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Hello my name is Gabriel Plante-Gauthier a.k.a DioJoestar0.

My unique trait is my multiverse sized imagination wich give me alot of crazy ideas!

I love to meet new peoples and become their friend for their friendship is a good enough reward to me in life!

My dream goal is to become A video game developer and a writer.

Plus i love RPG because i feel it's the ultimate create-a-character gae to me!

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Instagram: thebizaretrooperr

Art Amino: JoJoBrand0

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Greetings everyone, DioJoestar0 here, and i am here to reveal two projects i have been working on since the start of this month.

Basically the two projects are both video games based on Megaman X/Zero and Koji Igarashi's Castlevania seperately.

The Megaman X/Zero based project is called Virion.

Virion is based on the story telling of Megaman X4 and Megaman Zero 3, only instead of playing as two reploids, you play as two human brothers seperately where the story is, it takes place in a grim futurustic post-apocalypse where the city of Arcosis is controlled by a highly self concious group of androids called The Bamasthras, the concept of where and when this all takes place would be in the year 2105AD where the humans are all grouped into a small resistance fighting The Bamasthras in hope of reclaiming the ruined city of Arcosis.

Jason's gameplay would be about speed and close-combat where the player would depend on Jason's speed/agility to ovvercome some obstacles and his weapon would also compliment his speed: a Plasma-Sickle, i already drew 3 designs of Jason's Plasma-Sickle, i will upload the designs this afternoon.

While Travis's gameplay would be about precisions and long ranged combat, the player would rely on Travis's gunslinger skills to shoot the obstacles away, his weapon would compliment his precision: a Photon-Blaster wich i also drew 3 designs wich i will also upload the said designs this afternoon.

The story for the two brothers is that Jason wants to destroy The Bamasthras in order to reclaim the ruined city of Arcosis, while Travis is investigating on the origins of The Bamasthras and how they were created, so basically Jason's side of the story is based on X storyline in MMX4 while Travis story is based on Zero from MMZ3.

The IGA styled Castlevania based project is called Devil's Lair: Blood Surge.

Devil's Lair: Blood Surge is based on preferably Castlevania: Circle of the moon, Order of Ecclesia & Lament of Innocence, the story is it happens in feudal japan, where an ominous castle of demonic structures appeared during a blood moon, this castle is called: Akuma no subako, The Devil's Lair, where 8 monsters serves the owner of the castle, you play as Kawabe Naohira, a hunter whom has a choice of two weapons: The Kusarigama called aku no seijo-ki, Evil's Purifier or both a Chisa Katana called Chinsei Tenshi & a Tanto Katana called Hageshi Akuma, Calming Angel & Rageful Demon, there is a differance when you choose either the Kusarigama or the Dual Katanas, The Kusarigama gameplay is based on speed and range while the dual Katana sets gameplay is based on skill and power.

Of course i wrote that there is a set of 8 bosses (9 if you count the final boss), there would be a mechanic where when you kill a boss, you get it's soul to spend it on either Ability, Knowledge or Weapon Art.

Ability is Kawabe's ability as a human where if you spent a boss soul on this section, Kawabe would gain new abilities based on the choice of weapons: If it's the Kusarigama, you gain new longer combos based on the Kusarigama functionality, if it's the dual Katanas, you gained new movesets based on the skill of Calming Angel and the power of Rageful Demon.

Knowledge is Kawabe's intelligence on his own self concious if you spent a boss soul there, he would develop new powers from within his soul based on wich weapon you start with: If it's the Kusarigama, Kawabe would gain Light & Dark based powers, if it's the dual Katanas, Kawabe would gain both Holy and Unholy based powers.

Weapon Art is the ability to upgrade the weapon's form & power if you spent a boss soul here, like the previous two, if it's the Kusarigama, it would gain a longer chain, the blade get's sharper and it's overall appearance evolves, if it's the dual Katanas, Calming angel will gain an Angelic form while Rageful Demon gains a Demonic form.

of course i know these 2 projects are ambitious and complex, but i don't plan on doing it alone, for i am actually looking for help from fellow gamers who knows alot more about codings, enemies placements, the movesets and some sprite artists.

Yup i said sprite artist because, well, i am a sucker for 2D sidescrollers games.

Also for the choices of musics, Devil's Lair: Blood Surge would have those traditional Japanese instruments playing, while Virion would have Orchestral Metal style.

Of course like i said, these 2 projects are really ambitious, but like i also said, i am willing to get some help for the 2 projects.

If anyone is intrested in these 2 projects, you are more than welcome to assist me in making both Virion and Devil's Lair: Blood Surge a reality, whom i am seeking for help is: Coders, 2D Sprite Artist, Musicians, Programmers and fellow writters to write both games storyline with me, oh and maybe a few voice actors, if you want to assist me, meet me at my discord server here:

Welp that's all for today, i hope that some peoples will notice this journal i wrote.

This is DioJoestar0, signing off.
  • Listening to: Rock & Metal, Visual Kei.
  • Reading: Whatever intrigue's me!
  • Watching: JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Fist Of The North Star.
  • Playing: From Software's games.
  • Eating: What i can eat.
  • Drinking: What i can drink.


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